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For the 21 st Century Watchmaker


The newest version of the Matsys On-Line Watch Material System is a web based product and is designed to be the most up to date watch material system available to the industry. There are no CD's to install or software to download! By utilizing this system, you can:

  • Search a data base of over 1 million records.
  • Easily identify spare parts for watches.
  • Utilize manufacturer part numbers or the Bestfit universal part numbers
  • Create and organize your own material system.
  • Greatly reduce miscommunication when ordering spare parts.
  • Cross reference spare parts for multiple calibers or case numbers.
  • Confidently stock popular spare parts such as capacitors, stems and crowns because they can now identify basic calibers and case references.
  • Greatly increase customer service levels and repair turn around times.

For a Demo, Click Here

You may obtain a user name & password by clicking on the link below. When completing the application, remember to use Livesay's Inc as your preferred material house.  

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One Time Fee of $99.00

Act now and get a FREE set of Bestfit Encyclopedias (plus $7.95 s&h)!

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